Human resource solutions to help you ascend to new heights


Optimizing You

Human resource solutions to help you and your organization ascend to new heights.


Optimizing You Services

Our specialty is helping both individuals and organizations optimize their performance. Mandy Clark at Optimizing You will work with you to develop a customized plan that includes the following services:  


Executive/Personal/Health Coaching

Through one on one coaching, Optimizing You works closely with leaders and executives to maximize their performance. By analyzing leadership styles and understanding team and organizational dynamics, we work with individuals to be the best leaders they can be.  

For a detailed breakdown of our Executive Coaching structure, click here.

Leadership Development Training

If your leadership team is ready to take the next step, Optimizing You can offer the helping hand. Our group-oriented approach allows your leaders to examine their leadership styles, fine tune their approaches, and identify the strengths they already have.  

Employee Engagement Expertise

What does employee engagement mean to business owners? Better results, usually. Companies who create an amazing place to work enjoy higher retention, better returns on employee investment, and optimized business performance. We can show you how to get there. 


Why Choose Us

Optimizing You has a unique blend of HR experience in some of world's most pro-active HR environments. Mandy has gained insight into some of the best practices and processes in the industry.

Optimizing You will help your company maximize its performance and develop the best individual performers.


Our Vision

We strive to help individuals, managers, and executives in businesses optimize their own performance, which enhances the overall ability for the company to deliver amazing results. 

Personal and executive coaching allows individuals to become more effective in working with and leading others. Organizational development training builds these fundamental skills across work groups, with an aim to build high performing teams. 

Solid HR practices are the foundation for maintaining a work environment where employees love to work and feel recognized, rewarded, and motivated.

We have the experience and the knowledge to help you and your organization be successful in all of these areas! 


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