The Solution for your Talent Shortage May Be Right in Front of You

I keep reading so many articles about how we are in one of toughest times in recent history for retaining good talent. With unemployment rates being so low, and job opportunities being so plentiful, has your company asked itself "what are we doing that sets us apart from the rest?" I am a huge believer that there are several simple ways to keep your great doesn't have to be complicated!!

Read on for a quick lesson in talent recruitment and retainment.

Read on for a quick lesson in talent recruitment and retainment.

Below are just a few ideas to get your brain juices flowing. How does your company answer the following questions?

Developing an early career recruitment strategy. Despite the urban legends that no employee will want to stay with a company for more than a few years, who says that it’s impossible to keep employees for the long-term or at LEAST until you get a return on your investment?

Nurturing high potential employees. Once your recruiting team has worked so hard to find the right talent, what exactly are you doing to make them feel special, so they don’t start hunting for their next job? Is your company willing to invest a little in your best talent to keep them excited about coming to work everyday?

Providing real and transparent career opportunities. Does your company offer a career path that employees understand and that they feel is attainable? So many employees that I talk to have NO idea how to find out what their next opportunity internally can look no wonder they are enticed when a recruiter calls from another company and is SELLING them on a great opportunity they have at a new company.

Developing a meritocracy-based culture. Are you rewarding your best employees and making it worth their while to stick around for a while? Too many companies are trying too hard to "give all the kids a trophy". All this does is alienate those who are performing the best!

Contact me if you have questions, or if you want to discuss how I can help your company to assess what you are currently doing and develop strategies to optimize your chances of keeping your great employees around.