Would you like to see business results improve by more than 10% year after year?

Would you believe that increasing employee satisfaction by 20% can help you do this? 

Optimizing You, Inc. can help you achieve these results! 


We strive to help individuals, managers and executives in businesses optimize their own performance, enhancing the overall ability of the company to deliver amazing results. Personal and executive coaching allows individuals to become more effective in working with and leading others. Organizational development training builds these fundamental skills across work groups, with an aim to build high performing teams. Solid HR practices are the foundation for maintaining a work environment where employees love to work and feel recognized, rewarded, and motivated. We have the experience and the knowledge to help you and your organization be successful in all of these areas! Our specialty is helping both individuals and organizations to optimize their performance.


Organizational and Leadership Training

We can build a memorable training experience for high potential development, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, supervisory skills, infusing fun at work, or any other topic. Let us design a program tailored to your organization that will enhance the employee experience.